The Australian Jack Miller on Ducati wins in the class MotoGP of the World championship while the Italian rider Fabio Digiannantonio is the first on the finish line of the Moto2 Class. In Moto3 the incredible spanish rookie Pedro Acosta wins his third race in Moto3.
Despite being punished on the last lap, which made him lose two positions, our japanese rider Kunii finished the GP of Spain in an excellent 14th position. Izdihar’s race was conditioned by a bad start, but he showed a similar pace to the leading group, finishing in the 18th position.
Race by race, step by step, the riders of the Honda Team Asia are improving. Mivv and Honda are working hard to give them more chances to enter both constantly in the points zone.

Yuki Kunii #92: P14
Yuki Kunii 92


“Before the race, I didn’t expect any result, and I just wanted to fight with the top group. Then, I can only be disappointed because I’m sure I can do it better. Anyway, I’ve got points, it’s the only thing I’m happy about. I should learn to manage better the races. I need to improve my mentality. I feel I’m going in a good way, but it’s not enough. On the next races, I must do a better qualifying a to do a step forward in all the aspects.”

Andi Farid Izdihar #19: P18
Andi Farid Izdihar 19: P18

“I feel I continue my progression race by race. Now I’m able to fight for the point positions. Concerning the top group, I lose just 0,2-0,3 seconds per lap, which means my pace is improving a lot. Despite a bad start, I’ve lost a crucial time, but my pace was so close to the top. Next race, I will try to continue on this way or even better.”

Hiroshi Aoyama – Team Manager
Hiroshi Aoyama - Team Manager

“What a great battle on this race! Our riders started from the back of the grid, but they try to show the best they could do from there. Their pace wasn’t fast enough to be in the top group. At a certain moment, they were close, but after they drop a little bit. Unfortunately, Kunii had a long lap penalty on the last lap, losing two positions. But he scored two points. Andi showed again his progression. He finished 18th, but this result doesn’t reflect the race he did. We’re pleased about what he showed, and we’re sure he’s close to scoring points soon.”

GP PRO Titanium
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Moto3 race, Spanish MotoGP, 2 May 2021 Moto3 race, Spanish MotoGP, 2 May 2021
Moto3 race, Spanish MotoGP, 2 May 2021 Moto3 race, Spanish MotoGP, 2 May 2021