We have followed since the beginning, in 2013, the evolution of this highly appreciated naked, providing users who bought it (now over 63,000) many valid aftermarket solutions. For the latest 2021 version, MIVV adds to the range three complete systems, all complying with the Euro 5 standard, designed to bring the exhaust pipe back to the fore.

MT-09 has come a long way. It has long been one of the most important models in the Yamaha range and the upgrade to the third generation, with the 2021 version, has kept its performance high… despite the “ecological” transition to the Euro 5.

Thanks to the three-cylinder CP3, which rises to 889 cc, it significantly raises the values of torque and power when compared to the past.

MIVV recipe makes this naked even more muscular and gives it a dark “mood” since the three mufflers of the relevant complete systems (Delta Race, GP Pro and X-M1) are proposed with two carbon body and the third in black painted stainless steel. They share the fitting position that, unlike the Yamaha choice, points upwards.

Euro 5 approval is achieved by completing the exhaust system with the MIVV catalyst (model ACC.077.A1).


MIVV for MT-09 2021


DELTA RACE – Its design, which gradually goes from conical to hexagonal, is now well known to fans of aftermarket motorcycle components. And the “naked” world is absolutely in his wheelhouse. The complete system proposed by MIVV for the MT-09 sports the version with carbon fiber central body. Performance advantages (always measures on the wheel by the MIVV test center) are: + 4 hp of maximum power at 9,900 rpm, + 1.60 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm and  -1.6 kgs


GP PRO – Techno-stylistic evolution of the MIVV “GP” model, this compact and essential muffler is the result of a semi-artisan processing. Noteworthy are the precise coupling of the components, the outlet tube with a removable protection grille and even the sound, which competes with that obtained by Yamaha with the stock system, both out of the box despite the limitations of Euro 5. Also in this case the installation on naked and supernaked is recommended and the proof comes from bench measurements: this complete system (by the way the chosen muffler is also in this case the version with carbon fiber central body.) adds +6.1 hp at 10,000 rpm, +2.6 Nm of torque at 8,400 rpm and reduces weight by 2.3 kg.


X-M1 – this complete system also appears among the brand’s 2021 novelties. The new “sporty” X-M1 muffler has been developed following the indications acquired in Motogp and Moto2 World Championships. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and proposed for the MT-09 with a black painted central body, the silencer features a conical shape, compact size and a particularly appealing sound. Well beyond the sufficiency is the performance increase recorded at the bench:  + 5.0 hp at 9,900 rpm, + 2.4 Nm of torque at 8,500 rpm and -2.7 kg


RETAIL PRICES (complete exhaust systems):

DELTA RACE Carbon: € 1.390,00

GP PRO Carbon: € 1.207,00

X-M1 black painted stainless steel: € 1085,00

CATALYST (necessary to be in compliance with the Euro 5 regulations): € 181,00


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