The first Mivv product for Harley-Davidson is for sale.

It’s called No-Kat Head Pipes and it is aimed at the owners of the Harley-Davidson cruiser/touring models, from the Electra Glide Ultra Classic and sisters, to the various versions of Road King and CVO.

We are not presenting a complete exhaust but only a part of it, the one including the manifolds that connect the cylinders to the exhaust pipe and that weighs most heavily on the overall weight of the system and that mostly “heats up” the area near legs and feet.

The No-Kat Head Pipes is designed for people who have chosen Harley-Davidson and travel many hours. The benefits of the product are many:

  • the bigger heat shield allows to lower the temperature by 50%;
  • the increase in power expressed by the engine, which reaches 7%;
  • the perfect interchangeability with the original manifold, which therefore allows to keep the original H-D pipe or to install a specific aftermarket exhaust;
  • the compatibility to standard heat shields, which can be easily reassembled with the Mivv manifold kit.

This product is intended for many H-D models. Here they are:

CC 1690

CC 1745

CC 1801

CC 1868

CC 1923

The retail prices start from 488 euros.