Our exhausts for new Suzuki GSX-S 750 are for sale.

For this bike we tailored specific tailpipes using Suono, GP and Double Gun.

Our exhausts offer many advantages:

Suono (in the Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel versions): +3.6 HP at 10,300 rpm, +2.90 Nm at 8,800 rpm and weight savings of -2.1 kg. The highest improvement is at 7,300 rpm (+4.4 HP and +4.3 Nm), which remains more or less linear up to the maximum rpm of the engine.

GP (available in Carbon, Black Stainless Steel and Titanium): +2.9 HP at 10,300 rpm, +2.5 Nm at 8,500 rpm and weight savings of -2.9 kg. The gains are present along the entire power output range with a spike starting at 7,200 rpm for torque and power (respectively +4.1 and +4).

Double Gun: +1 HP at 10,400 rpm, +1.1 Nm at 8,900 rpm and a remarkable weight saving of -3.7 kg. The peak performance of the torque/power duo is achieved at 7,300 rpm (+2.7 and +2.6).

Here you can find all the information about these exhausts:

Suono exhaust technical information

GP exhaust technical information

Double Gun exhaust technical information

Suzuki GSXS750 2017 SuonoSuzuki GSXS750 2017 Double Gun