Just a few days from the Start of the World Championship and in the three days of testing in Qatar we have witnessed a real attack by the Snipers Team. First and second position thanks to its riders.
Romano Fenati confirms to be the fastest in Moto3: has literally dominated the Qatar test by getting, in the third day, also the track record.
Positive signs also for Tony Arbolino, who follows his teammate in second place.
Both riders broke down the best time signed last year (2:05.285 for Romano Fenati, followed by Tony Arbolino with the time of 2:05.515).
Here are their comments:
Romano Fenati: “They have been three positive days where we worked really well. We were fast from the first day but it hasn’t been easy as even the other riders were fast. The race is another story but we try to go on in this direction and to do our best“.
Tony Arbolino: “It was a positive test, we were strong and, from my side, we did a good step ahead. We are competitive and I feel good for this start of the season. In the past year, in Qatar, I wasn’t feeling comfortable compared to other tracks but, this time, we were really fast. We still can improve a little bit more but everything is ready and I am looking forward to start the race weekend“.

This result certainly bodes well for the start of the season!
We are ready for the first race!