Both lines that Honda called “Africa Twin” have transited through the R&D department in MIVV. In 1993 we produced exhaust set-ups for the XRV 750, today we are creating exhausts for the CRF 1000 L.

For this Honda maxi enduro there is a choice of 4 street-legal silencers (all equipped with an extractable dB killer), with the additional option of the “No Kat” tube in two versions: one compatible with the Mivv tailpipes so that, at a later date, it will be possibile to substitute the whole stock exhaust; the other one compatibile with the factory silencer.

Oval Carbon Cap: It is created with the “cap” in carbon with a heat resistant 3k twill and slits which are not only aesthetically appealing but also contribute to heat dispersion. The exhaust is offered with a carbon body (all black) or in titanium.

Speed Edge: This exhaust is created using anchoring straps and cap in carbon (3k twill, impregnated with special resins to resist high temperatures). The body is in stainless steel, available in standard or gutsy steel black finishes.

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