MOVER is the new MIVV exhaust for scooters.
Oval shaped, with a stainless-steel body, MOVER is supplied with Euro 4 metal catalytic converter and features an exit cap made of special HPP material. The internal sound-absorbing coating is of “fire halt” type, a design choice that improves the technical resistance of the exhaust. Also to be mentioned is the particular aesthetic finish, named “Black Moon”, giving the product a more aggressive look. The MIVV logo is lasered.

The scooter world has always been a part of MIVV production. With this new exhaust, very modern from a technical point of view and naturally capable of going beyond the aesthetic impact, Mivv aims to reiterate its interest for this two-wheeler segment.

Suitable for virtually all 4T scooter models from 125cc to 500cc, MOVER enriches driving with a more appealing sound, a lower weight (almost half) and improves engine performance with a more personal design.
On sale from February 2020.