Unexpected epilogue for the Snipers at the Thailand Grand Prix.
At the Chang International Circuit Tony Arbolino started well from the eighth position, ate the grid and positioned fourth by force at the first corner. Focused on the race and the championship, the rider from Garbagnate planned to stay second, waiting for the attack in the last lap. From the fourth lap, his hand started to tense up, he lost the sensitivity first of the fingers, then the palm, the pain started to increase and he couldn’t close the punch. Tony started to break only with his pinky. At the twelfth lap he was obliged to slow down, let his rivals pass and try the extreme attempt to loosen his glove in order to regain sensitivity. He will cross a painful finishing line in tenth position. Great race for the young Jose Julian Garcia, at his second experience in the world championship, the first one on this track. Josito impressed from the first laps and with a series of overtakings he inserted in the top group. He showed a security worthy of the most experienced riders and he missed only more experience: first he was author of a long and then crashed, 4 laps to the end.
Here are the riders comments:
Tony Arbolino: “We started well, I liked the bike, I had a good feeling with the track, I could overtake well and I was preserving the tires for the last laps. Unfortunately I suffered a right hand numbness, especially the first three fingers and I couldn’t use the index and middle finger to break, I could do that only with the little one. It could happen; we stay focused for Japan as we will face 3 tracks that I like a lot. We need to keep the focus, we have everything to win“.

Jose Julian Garcia: “Shame about the crash, but I am very happy for the job done with the team this weekend. In the warm up this morning I understood to have a good pace, as I was riding constantly in 43.6. In the race, after a good start, I stayed in the top ten, I was feeling comfortable and the bike and concentrated. After a contact with another rider I finished over the twentieth position but I came back quickly, once again in the top ten until the crash, few laps to the end. I would like once again the team for this great opportunity thanks to which I learnt a lot“.