MIVV presents two complete racing exhausts with titanium pipes (which allow a good weight saving): The first with double under-tail outlet, the second with single low side outlet.

These systems are not approved for road use but comply with the regulations related to noise limits for track use.

For both configurations MIVV has chosen the MK3 silencer with central body in glossy carbon fiber; it is an exhaust resulting from the experience gained by the brand in Moto3 and Moto2 World Championships; it is very compact and “very bad”, featuring a protective grille on the outlet bottom.

The two MIVV solutions lead to an increase in performance of the Panigale V4.

The bench data detected with the under-tail system show a maximum power peak equal to + 12.00hp at 13,000 rpm; + 3.00Nm of torque at 11,200 rpm and a weight saving of 2.80 kg.

The single low output system offers these advantages: + 4.00hp at 13,400 rpm; + 1.00Nm at 11,300 rpm and a weight saving of 4.10 kg.

Performance can be further improved by adopting specific mappings (directly on the original ECU), which MIVV will release within a few weeks.

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The novelties concern an exhaust in slip-on version (Euro4 and Euro5 approved with optional MIVV catalyst installed), equipped with a “special” version of the DELTA RACE silencer, available here with a 3k twill carbon body (previously unreleased version) or in stainless steel with brushed “pearled” effect and carbon fiber end cap. The DELTA RACE developed for the Panigale V2 works with a specially designed EXUP valve (it electronically regulates the internal gases). This is a very complex, technical choice which in the aftermarket world can only be found at MIVV; the high costs of research and development affect the retail price, however in line with the exclusivity of the product.

The bench data (measured at the wheel) show a maximum power gain of + 8.30hp at 11,000 rpm; an increase in torque of + 5.60Nm at 9,200 rpm and a weight reduction of 5.10 kg.

Alongside the “Slip On” version, a full system for track use only is also on the way. It is made of stainless steel with an under-tail outlet where two compact X-M1 “stand out”. This is the titanium silencer (grade 1 slow) that MIVV promotes as “the perfect synthesis between racing style and performance”.

The performance advantages are: +1.40 hp at 10,800 rpm; + 3.20Nm at 8,800 rpm and a weight saving of 3.60 kg. (in the MIVV website you can download the chart with the torque and power trend along the entire engine’s rev range).

Also for the V2, specific mappings will be available in a very short time, to be set on the original control unit, capable of optimizing the performances, already excellent without interventions on the electronics.

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