Honda X-ADV has brought winds of change to the maxiscooter segment and we render it even more one-of-a-kind with a series of tailored set-ups using the GP, Suono and Speed Edge tailpipes – the latter manufactured with a laser cut logo – each one compliant to the Euro 4 regulation.

GP – Manufactured applying technical procedures used for racing exhausts; this is a short rounded silencer with widened end spouts. Its performance leads to increases of 0.7 Hp and 1.0 Nm with weight savings of 1.9 kg. GP is available in three versions: Carbon, Titanium and Stainless Steel (with a brushed “Black Satin” effect achieved by a specific colouring procedure).

Suono – The Suono range is the perfect synthesis between looks, innovation and applied technology. During its design, the highest quality materials were chosen to ensure the product was as light as possible. The performance of the Honda X-ADV gains 0.8 Hp and 0.7 Nm, with weight savings of 1.2 kg. Here again Suono is available in two versions with different finishes. The Stainless Steel version has a main body in natural stainless steel, whilst the brushed Black Satin version is achieved using a special colouring process.

Speed Edge – The unique hexagonal design and the excellent performance are the main features of this tailpipe, in addition to a sporty sound. In this case, the performance increase is 1.20 Hp and 1.10 Nm, together with weight savings of 1.2 kg. Two versions are available: main body in brushed stainless steel or Black stainless steel, both versions are fitted with a carbon endcaps and stainless steel mounting brackets. Speed Edge gives the scooter an aggressive and customized look, thanks to the exclusive X-ADV logo, laser cut by Mivv on the body of the tailpipe.
Escape Mivv Speed Edge inox negro para Honda X-ADV