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There is a new exhaust line from Mivv. It is called Delta Race and it is unveiled at the Eicma 2017, the exhibition which takes place these days in Milan.

The use of lightweight and composite materials combined with the most cutting-edge technical research, produces a unique style where all details are visible, from the carbon end caps, to the retaining band with double riveting, from the inlet bushing machined from solid to ensure maximum coupling precision, to the aerodynamic properties of the main body, which starts as conical and then morphs into hexagonal.

Proposed in the launch phase with a black painted body or in natural stainless steel, featuring the renowned laser-cut MIVV logo, the new DELTA RACE seamlessly blends extraordinary styling to weight savings and to an increase in performance and power.

Designed for a wide range of use, we believe that it can become the leader of the market segment of naked, motard and sports bikes, with medium sized engines.

The sale date is expected from Spring 2018.

Mivv Delta Race BlackMivv Delta Race Black