MIVV has developed a racing kit for the Ducati Panigale V4 1100 that the owners of this “red” will love, because it is capable of adding 12 HP to the standard performance of the V4.

An extraordinary bike, considered in many ways the queen of supersport bikes which promises great satisfaction.
Track riders can now take advantage of a really powerful kit developed by MIVV, with DELTA RACE exhaust and titanium de-cat pipe. In addiction of a truly impressive increase in power value, the bench test data, measured at the wheel, also show a 50% weight reduction.
But the installation of a MIVV exhaust is not enough: to reach those values MIVV has developed the remapping of Ducati V4 original ECU with the support of its technical partner RexXer. It affects electronic throttle and torque adjusters, all in a single operation and without having to purchase additional modules.
The customer simply reports the purchase of the MIVV exhaust for the DUCATI V4 at the address mapping@mivv.it. Very soon he will be contacted and addressed to the nearest RexXer point. In case of an uncovered area, a home kit will be sent, and the trusted mechanic will be useful here. Nothing will be changed or added in terms of components.