What an amazing race ! Fenati positioned immediately among the firsts and stayed there. After a mistake he lost positions but started to comeback and he succeeded to do that but he found Ramirez bike on track and, to avoid it, he came out of the track. Tony Arbolino did a great race. He was systematically the fastest, he came back from the nineteenth position and arrived in the group ahead but, after a hard brake, the airbag exploded making him lose positions and points.
It was not the Race we expected but we are fascinated by the determination of the Snipers Team riders. Here are their post-race comments:

Tony Arbolino: “It was a difficult weekend, we thought to do better. For sure, entering in the Q2 would have meant a different race; here every rider goes fast, we are all on the limit. I like Le Mans and there we can do a good race. A shame also when after a contact with Vietti, the front closed and the leather airbag opened, the visor helmet ruined and I couldn’t see anything”.
Romano Fenati: “After some laps the cervical inflammation I had after Austin came back. My neck was hurting me I couldn’t lift my head up. By the way, I reached the group ahead and I was preparing the final attack when Ramirez crashed in front of me and the bike was in the middle of the track and to avoid it I was obliged to exit the track and I finished my race in this way”.