MIVV  combines the engine of this Ducati with a pair of MK3 carbon mufflers. The choice of standard positioning seems very appealing but the aftermarket proposal of MIVV adds a bit of spice to the performance.

The version to which MIVV’s suggestion is addressed is the Hypermotard 950 2019-2020 Euro 4. The homologation is fully respected even by replacing the stock mufflers with the MK3 pair.

The same type of intervention is also indicated with the SP version, more sophisticated from the point of view of the chassis but pushed by the same Testastretta 11 °, lightened and technically revised to offer a more reactive response at low revs.

It was therefore not easy for MIVV to go beyond the standard performance considering only the replacement of the mufllers but, as we will see, the carbon MK3 don’t disappoint expectations

Let’s face it, those who choose this Ducati, despite the wide “motard” handlebar, are attracted by its sporty nature, starting with the color of the livery. And consequently to performance improvements.

The MK3 pair promises them. This “compact” line, presented in 2019, is the result of the experience gained by MIVV in the Moto3 and Moto2 World Championships and represents a good example of synthesis between performance, technology and design. The sound is also appreciable, which can be heard on the company website (recorded with professional audio equipment).

The MK3 version proposed here is the one characterized by the central body in Carbon with glossy finish, together with the protection grille on the end cap.

The assembly, in the same position as the two stock mufflers, is simple thanks to the “Slip On configuration

The analysis of the chart obtained from the bench test (downloadable from the MIVV website), highlights a significant increase in power between 4 thousand and 5 thousand rpm, a curve constantly above the one obtained with the standard exhaust that touches its maximum with + 1,8 hp at 9,000 rpm.

Also the torque curve shows a greater shot, always between 4 thousand and 5 thousand rpm, reaching the maximum increase, equal to + 1.5 Nm at 7,400 rpm

Also worth considering is the reduction in the overall weight of the bike, which is equal to 2 kg with the MK3 pair


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