The new Mivv exhausts for Yamaha T-Max 530 are available, the 2017 incarnation of the king of maxi scooters. For this scooter, which has always stood out for its performance and easy handling, we offer Oval and Speed ​​Edge mufflers – the latter with a customized logo – in the full system version, all of which are in compliance with the Euro 4 regulation thanks to the optional catalyst.

Oval – This line fits perfectly with any kind of motorcycle: thanks to the oval shape it is in fact able to integrate better with the design of the bike, adding a touch of aggression. The performance of the T-Max has a benefit of 1.7 hp and 1.7 Nm, while the weight gain is equal to 5.5 kg. Two different finishes are available: the Titanium version, with titanium central body and carbon cap, and the Black one, with a brushed “Black Satin” black stainless steel central body, obtained with a special coloring process, and a carbon cap.

Speed ​​Edge – The original hexagonal shape and excellent performance are the main features of this exhaust, which combines a distinctly sporty sound. In this case the performance improvement is 2.5 hp and 2.1 Nm, while the weight savings is 5.5 kg. There are two versions available: with brushed stainless steel body or Black stainless steel, both with carbon cap. Speed ​​Edge gives the scooter an aggressive and unique look, thanks to the exclusive T-Max logo reproduced on the body of the muffler, made by Mivv with laser technology.

Scarico Mivv Speed Edge Inox nero per Yamaha Tmax