The wonderful Delta Race and the more classic Oval, Speed Edge and Suono come into play, all in different finishes, for BMW’s “GS” family, namely the F750 GS F850 GS crossovers and the R1250 GS.

A touch of Italianness without contraindications:

  • the approval is Euro4;
  • style and quality are up to expectations;
  • no interference with the side cases.

Since 20 years, Mivv has in its catalog aftermarket solutions for GS. Now the set-ups are also available for the latest versions of this two-wheeled family.

F750 e F850 GS
Lately, the “F” series (750 and 850) even got an upgrade, which adds the hi-tech stainless-steel DELTA RACE (in “black or white” finishes for F750 and “black or white” finishes for F850), to the OVAL mufflers (in carbon or titanium for F750 and in carbon or titanium for F850 ) and SUONO (in natural and black stainless steel for F750 and in natural and black stainless steel for F850).

R1250 GS
The R1250 GS mates with the two aforementioned versions of the OVAL muffler (in carbon or titanium) to which it adds the sharp SPEED EDGE in natural or black stainless steel.

These exhausts reduce weight and improve performance, have high reliability in terms of resistance in long raids and internal materials have been tested for a long time to extend their life cycle.
In the relevant product data sheets you will find all details of the bench tests and price indications.