We have laid our hands on the “new generation of a legend”, as the Factory in Mandello calls their new versions of the V7 II (but we haven’t overlooked the V7 Classic version). We also worked on the two V9 versions.

For all versions just one tailpipe: the short and gutsy Ghibli, specially engineered to provide a signature sound, a decisive retro and minimalist look, which paired with the twin cylinder is able to improve torque and power at midrange engine speeds.

We’ve got this one in the bag. For the V7, V7II and V9 we have found the perfect match. Easy to install on a Guzzi (the so-called “slip-on” which means substituting just the pair of tailpipes; the stock manifolds remain), our approach purposely favours aesthetics over performance (which is impressive, by the way), according to the mission to maintain aesthetic harmony of the customization of the two models.

Owners of one of these Italian twin cylinders can choose between two different finishes, both perfectly aligned to current trends in the custom and new classics segments:

  • Brushed to a sheen
  • Painted matt black

The MIVV kit on offer for the V7 also has a specially designed heat-shield: a feature further enhancing the overall look. Muffler and heat-shield are perfectly adapted for installation on the V7II Special version and the V7 Classic from 2008 onwards.

The MIVV kit for the V9 (which maintains the factory stock heat-shield) is a perfect match for the two contemporary versions currently on the market: Roamer and Bobber.

The Ghibli designed for the two Moto Guzzi models weighs approximately half of the stock version and is street legal: it is compliant to the current legislation regarding noise emissions and, by means of the removable KAT (available as an optional) it is also compliant to limits imposed on pollutant gas emissions.

Available from December.