Messen und Veranstaltungen Produkte

Two new exhaust lines will be presented at Eicma 2017.

The first one is GP PRO: it is compact and features a streamlined design yet more gutsy than the standard GP, this new exhaust achieves a highly respectable increase in performance.

What gives it its style, weight-savings and high performance are the construction materials and techniques. Carbon fibre, titanium and stainless steel, the latter coated in black, the fruit of a blend of production techniques that draw on the precision of the CNC machines and on the attention to detail typical of artisanal procedures.

This approach is evident in the exposed T.I.G. welding of the end caps and by the skirt fixed by rivets, which in turn become characteristic style features. The exhaust tailpipe, slanted and huge for greater fluid dynamic efficiency, is completed, as often seen on the racing track, by a removable protective grille that conceals the dB killer.

The bushing on the exhaust manifold is machined from solid to achieve extreme coupling precision.

The exquisite logo positioned on the rounded body of the GP PRO is laser-cut on the Titanium and Black versions.

Mivv GP PRO CarbonMivv GP PRO TitanMivv GP PRO CarbonMivv GP PRO Titan