The Brutale 800 is the first MV AGUSTA to “stop” in our R&D department. The result is an ad hoc exhaust system, highly seductive, alternative to the OEM one.

We are talking about an exhaust system with a brand new design that is part of the SPEED EDGE line for the horizontal configuration of the silencer. This element is coupled, with button locking screws, to 3 “slash cut” outlet tubes.

It is made of pure Aisi 304 stainless steel.Two finishes are available: “Black moon” (the dark one), and “Pearled” (the light one).

In addition to the advantages of design there are also a considerable weight saving (-3.5 kg compared to OEM exhaust) and a significant increase in performance: the bench test data show + 4hp at 11,200 rpm and + 2.2Nm at 8800 rpm.

The exhaust system is suitable for the Brutale 800 Euro 4 version, from 2016 to 2020


€ 1150.00 + VAT  for the “Black Moon” version and € 1050.00 + VAT  for the “Pearled” one

Available from March 2021


MV Agusta_Brutale800_2016-_73V003LHX_$01 MV Agusta_Brutale800_2016-_73V003LHX_$02 MV Agusta_Brutale800_2016-_73V003LHB_$01 MV Agusta_Brutale800_2016-_73V003LHB_$02