One setback, luckily not determining, for Tony Arbolino. The last leg of the European tour, the Aragon GP in Spain is a track that has always been tricky for the team, but the Snipers rider manages to reach 10th position anyway. Good job for the substitute of Romano Fenati. Second in the warm up, the young Josito Garcia was riding with the same times of the top riders but he paid the starting grid positions that got during the qualifying races and ranks 20th place.

Tony Arbolino: “It was a difficult race from a technical point of view, we have been chasing for the whole weekend the first positions. That was it, but now we know that the worst we can do, in these conditions, is the tenth position. We come back home preparing for the extra European races, the hardest ones. We’ll see how it will go but we are still there, we do not give up“.

Jose Julian Garcia: “I am happy about this weekend where I got a lot of experience. This morning, on mixed track conditions, I got the second time. In the race I fought with a group of 5 riders, by keeping a good pace and I close twentieth. I thank the Snipers for giving me this great opportunity“.
See you in Asia!